Q: Are Tattoos Sexy?



Well what do you think? Are tattoos sexy?

My answer? Well they certainly can be. Look at Adam Levine or David Beckham (all the Nymphs know there is nothing else needed to be said here).  At that whole 40’s style Kustom Kulture pin-ups way of dressing. What about Kat Von D? A amazing tattoo artist, had her own t.v. show and now a model for Sephoria brand cosmetics as well. I hear she is creating music and writing a book.


Well so the next question is does the tattoos make them sexy?

Or do they make the tattoos sexy? I would have to say the later. If you are sexy (and it’s more a state of mind) then your tattoos will be sexy too. Of course a great tattoo artist helps. I would suggest do your research there and find someone phenomenal. There are a lot more bad tattoos out there than good. And make sure you find an image that speaks to you and will endure the test of time. Never a good idea to get your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name anywhere on your body. The only name should be your mother’s or or child’s!


Photo’s of Kat Von D for Inked Mag:


Inked girls:





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